BioVascular intends to become a leading, integrated specialty cardiovascular therapeutic company, and to utilize corporate partnerships in markets that have complex marketing barriers and/or combination technologies.




BioVascular believes that long-term sustainable value will lie in new products and is therefore focusing on bringing a steady flow of therapeutics through the clinic to commercialization.  The company recognizes the importance of staying focused on a single goal while the company becomes established.  BioVascular will stay faithfully focused on developing saratin for either hemodialysis access grafts or peripheral bypass grafting until it is proven safe and effective in the clinic.  BioVascular will maintain this focus by developing a complementary platelet reduction product, which will likely be used in a similar patient population, and leveraging the synergies in the marketplace.  In this way, BioVascular will remain focused in cardiovascular therapeutics for the treatment and prevention of vascular disease.  Thereafter, the company will pursue other clinical applications for the saratin product platform, and pursue other product platforms.



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