Saratin is a 12 kDa polypeptide originally identified as a component of leech saliva (Hirudo medicinalis) and currently produced as a recombinant protein in yeast (Hansenula polymorpha).

Saratin is designed to be applied during surgery to the endovascular surface where it coats the exposed collagen and inhibits vWF-dependent binding of platelets to arterial wall collagens.  In preventing the vWF-mediated platelet adhesion to damaged vessels, saratin blocks the first step in a sequence of events involving platelet aggregation and activation and may thereby prevent the subsequent thrombus formation and intimal hyperplasia that occurs in a range of vascular surgical and endovascular procedures.

The results of pre-clinical studies of our product candidates may not be predictive of the results of clinical trials.  Product candidates in early clinical trials and later stages of clinical trials may fail to show the desired safety and efficacy traits despite having progressed through pre-clinical studies.


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Saratin Publications

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